Propane Safety During The Summer

As we approach the spring and summer seasons more grilling is upon us. If you plan on using a propane grill, we have put together a list of some safety guidelines you should be aware of.


a few tips for propane tank safety can go a long way to keep you safe.

  1. Always check for leaks

There is no doubt propane is very flammable and has been known to cause explosions with a faulty or leaky tank. You want to make sure you check for leaks before using your propane grill or BBQ grill. A simple method is by applying soapy water to all the connections on your propane tank. If you notice any bubbles around the tank or on any of the connections you will want to repair or replace your tank immediately.


Be sure to check out our online store for propane tank leak detectors and other accessories such as hoses and regulators which could help you stay safe.


  1. you want to make sure you are only using the hoses and regulators that are compatible with that particular propane tank. If you use the wrong hozer regulator this could cause an unwanted leak. Always keep your propane tank upright if it tips over it may cause a leak.
  2. if you have any children or pets always keep them away from propane tanks. You want to keep children and pets from any of the connections as they may accidentally turn it on or damage the hoses. Look for propane tank covers in our store that will help you prevent this.
  3. be sure to keep propane tanks away from any heat sources, open flames or even direct sunlight. If a propane tank is exposed to too much heat it can cause it to expand and explode.
  4. when you are not using your propane grill store the propane tank in a cool and dry place keep them out of direct sunlight or heat.
  5. before you get ready to use your propane tank always check for any rust or damage that may have occurred. If the tank happens to have any rust or visible damage don’t use the propane tank, contact a professional to have it inspected or replaced. It may be a good idea to invest in a tank cover to protect it from the outside elements.
  6. always keep an extinguisher nearby in case there is an emergency. Accidents happen and it is always a great idea to be prepared just in case you need to extinguish a fire.
  7. When using your propane grill always follow all of the manufacturers instructions failure to do so could cause your BBQ grill to not work right or caused serious injuries.
  8. don’t leave your propane grill unattended if it is on. There have been many situations where an unattended propane grill catches fire.
  9. If you smell any gas don’t hesitate immediately turn off the propane tank and grill. avoid trying to ignite the grill as you may need to call a professional company to repair the tank or grill. if you are dealing with a large leak or tank it is a great idea to evacuate the area and call for help.
  10. always turn off your propane tank when you finish grilling to prevent any accidents. properly store the tank and grill to avoid any unwanted damage or tampering.

    By following these steps you can have a safer grilling season and enjoy your steaks!

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