• DOMINOX Propane Torch Head, Propane Torch Head with Lgniter, Mapp Gas Torch – Torch Head – Propane Torch for Cooking…

    🔥【NOTICE】: It’s forbidden to use it upside down (It may cause unstable flame or block the propane torch with gas impurities), the maximum tilt angle of the propane gas cylinder is 60°. We suggest turning on the gas regulator valve slowly, ignite at low flow, and then increase the flow (Excessive gas flow may cause ignition failure. 1/2 turn counterclockwise to start is recommended. It may vary depending on the cylinder pressure).
    🔥【SIMPLE & FAST OPERATION】: Propane Torch is designed with Piezo Ignition Switch (If the ignition is not smooth, please reduce the gas with Regulator Valve and try again). Just connect to the CGA600 propane cylinder, such as Coleman fuel, propane/MAPP/MAP/MAP PRO fuel. Or connect the standard CGA600 interface hose to the propane tank. The installation steps are very simple and convenient.
    🔥【APPLICATIONS】: Propane Torch Head can be used with propane cylinders or tanks (NOT INCLUDED) for most projects, such as small diameter soldering, soft soldering in brazing copper tubing, heating installation, hard soldering in refrigeration installation, loosen rusty bolts, thaw frozen padlock, remove paint and tiles, plumbing, air-conditioning, automobile repair, jewelry making, DIY crafts, cooking and grill, camping and many other home and commercial purposes.

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