• BLUBERY 30” Propane Fire Pit Table, 50,000BTU Auto-Ignition with Pulse Switch Gas Fire Pit Table, Double-Layer…

    🔥🔥【Ingnite Successfully Every Time】:Auto-Ignition with Pulse Switch, which ensure that the ignition is successful every time and at any time. The first step is to press the pulse switch with one finger, and the second step is to turn on the firepower control switch, and the fire can be successfully achieved for the first time. The stainless steel switch panel gives you a pleasing feeling.
    🔥🔥【Safety Switch】:When the flame is blown away by the wind or the temperature of the fire table is too high, the system naturally close the intake valve after 29 seconds. All our products have undergone rigorous testing, 100% guarantee the safety of the products. This is a very important security factor.
    🔥🔥 【Double-layer Insulation Board】: After the 50,000BTU square table continues to burn for several times, the temperature at the bottom of the pot will be very high. If we remove the gas tank at this time, we may encounter it. At this time, if there is no isolation device, some safety hazards will definitely occur. We use double-layer galvanized sheets for heat insulation, so you can safely remove the gas pipe at any time.

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